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主要业务是针对各类心理测验评估量表、指导书籍、心理帮扶工具进行全球国际化引进、中文版本研发、修订以及发行。同时提供相关资质培训的一家心理测量产品转化的专业机构。 本机构专注于婴幼儿、儿童和青少年在教育环境以及成长特点的分析研究,形成了边临床实践、边制定具体解决方案的评估模式。本机构致力于整合优质的心理学,临床学以及教育学专业技术,开发适合时代需求的专业量表以及应用课程,长期为广大医疗机构,社会各类培训机构提供更科学更国际化更专业合理的测评工具。 本机构长期与中山大学、北京师范大学、上海交通大学医学院附属上海儿童医学中心、浙江大学医学院和美国AJ德雷赛尔孤独症协会、以及美国哈佛大学医学院、WPS美国西部心理评估技术研究中心的专家提供专业技术下开展研究。

Shenzhen Xinzhi Institute of Psychological Assessment Technology is a professional institute of converting psychological assessments for the use in China. We introduce various psychological assessments, guidebooks and psychological support tools from the globe, and publish their Chinese versions by local standardization. Our emphasis is laid on the analysis and research of the developmental features and educational environment of infants, toddlers, children and teenagers, to form an evaluation pattern of conducting clinical practices while developing specific solutions at the same time.Based on the integration of expertise of psychology, clinic and pedagogy, the scales and application courses developed by Xinzhi are suitable for contemporary demands, for providing a large number of medical institutes and all kinds of training institutions in society with more scientific, more international and more reasonable evaluation instruments. We have established long-term partnership with and work with experts from School of Public Health in Sun Yat-sen University, College of Psychology in Beijing Normal University, A.J. Drexel Autism Institute, Harvard Medical School, Western Psychological Services, etc.



We have departments including the Marketing Department, Research and Development Department, Technology Department, Training Department, Commerce Department, Customer Service Department, Legal Department, etc. We focus on developing professional evaluation patterns and courses for development that are suitable for infants, toddlers, children and teenagers by integrating premium and professional techniques of psychological education and growth evaluation for infants, toddlers, children and teenagers, to provide a wide range of medical and social training institutions with more reasonable assessment tools and courses.


Vision: To become the most authoritative company in assessment and achieve the making of the Chinese brand.

Core values: Customer-oriented, collaboration, honesty, sense of ownership, leadership, spirit of opening and pioneering, and internationalization

Our slogan: Confidence comes from professionalism.

Our purpose: Only by entering the orbit of international standard can we own the space for indefinite extension.


Screening tests of developmental psychology;
Professional books for developmental evaluation;
Tool kits for developmental evaluation;
Professional software for developmental evaluation;
Professional online systems for development evaluation, etc.

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